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Money Talks with Amanda Kloots

It’s that time again! We are featuring one of our favorite fitness babes, Amanda Kloots. You might recognize her from one of her killer workout classes: AK! Rope, AK! Dance, or AK! Body. Or maybe you recognize her from that contagious smile and positive energy that she’s constantly radiating.

A former Broadway dancer Amanda has created a fitness empire. Don’t let her smile fool you… We’ve tried AK! Dance and besides realizing we have ZERO coordination we realized Amanda doesn’t mess around and this sh*t is hard. Don’t believe us? Just peep her Instagram and you’ll get what we are saying... This girl boss goddess answers some of our questions and if you are brave enough to take her class find her at studio b or any of the below:

Website: https://www.amandakloots.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amandakloots/

Book her class: https://www.amandakloots.com/class-schedule

Image courtesy of https://amandakloots.com/

What’s your best advice for someone wanting to start their own business that might be hesitant or scared?

Ask for help!!! Just because you are starting your own business doesn't mean you have to do it all alone!

What is the hardest aspect of working for yourself? What is your favorite thing about working for yourself?

The hardest aspect is how hard you work because if you don't do it there is no one else to do it! My favorite thing is creating my own schedule. That freedom, even though I'm working more than ever, is so nice!

What is something you would tell your 20-something self about money?

Save it!

If you were to track your expenses for the week, what would we find is one of your biggest guilty pleasures?

Ubers! haha

What is one money habit you are wanting to break?

Going out to dinner so much. It is so hard in NYC because you live in a small apartment and it's so enticing to walk outside and be in an amazing atmosphere with delicious food!

What is one money habit you are proud of?

I work really hard and I hustle! I'm proud of every dollar I earn!

How did you learn about finances in relation to your business?

Ah, I am still learning!! I was originally taught by my dad. I have a wonderful friend I call my "shark" or "Mark Cuban" who also gives me a lot of advice. I also have an incredibly patient accountant that explains everything to me! I have a creative brain, not the business one!

Rapid Fire:

Favorite day of the week?


Favorite NYC restaurant?

Del Friscos

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?


One thing you can’t live without?


One of your New Year’s Resolutions?

I don't make resolutions but I do make a vision board every January of all the things I want to accomplish for the year!