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Money Talks with Allison Odhner from Bach to Basic

Even though it’s Monday, we are still excited because we got to chat with Allison Odhner! Allison is the founder of Bach to Basic, an all-inclusive bachelor or bachelorette planning service. We believe Allison has found a niche that is well… invaluable in the times of matching bridesmaid swimsuits and hashtags. Allison lets us in on her entrepreneurial journey and some of the challenges (and triumphs!) she encounters being her own boss.

Dealing with a Bridezilla or just overwhelmed with planning the perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette weekend? Want something to take the worry and anxiety out of it and hopefully all the differing opinions (no… never!)? Enter: Bach to Basic. With years of event planning experience, Allison created Bach to Basic after getting married and not wanting anything to do with her own Bachelorette… she quickly realized there were little to no resources to call on for this very thing.

Time to hear more from the Bach to Basic founder below and for those of us that aren’t as keen on picking out the right welcome bags and Bride-to-Be sashes we linked the party planner extraordinaire (and friendship saver lol) below:

Website: www.bachtobasic.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bachtobasic

What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

Everything is a learning process and it’s okay for things not to turn out right. Plan for mishaps! As long as you handle them with grace, everything will work out and you will get past it. Customers remember much more the way they were treated and how you handled things versus what actually went wrong.

What’s your best advice for someone wanting to start their own business that might be hesitant or scared?

Take it step by step. When you think about the whole picture of starting a business, it gets super overwhelming. But if you look at each piece of the puzzle as an individual task and something to learn and work on, it becomes much more doable. And more importantly, patience is key! Nothing happens overnight. Beyond hard work, growth takes time.

What is your favorite thing about working for yourself? What is your least favorite?

The answer to the question is the same - being able to work whenever I want! This is such a catch-22. It’s so wonderful being able to be flexible with my work schedule to accommodate my growing family, lifestyle and travel. On the other hand, I have to remind myself that downtime is crucial to recharging and being at my best. When you can work at anytime...any time feels like you should be working!

What is one accomplishment from being an entrepreneur that you are most proud of?

Getting repeat clients! This will forever be so rewarding and validating that you are doing things right.

What is your best piece of “money advice” to your younger self?

This is difficult because for me, it was a constant struggle to maintain the balance between saving and seeing the world. Your twenties are such a crucial time to grow and travel and become the best version of yourself. At the same time, they are the easiest time to save money to prepare for the future when you only have to worry about yourself. My most sound advice to my younger self would be to learn as much as you can about the options. Talk to people (advisors, mentors, friends) and find what will work best for you and what you are hoping to accomplish.

If you were to track your expenses for the week, what would we see as one of your biggest guilty pleasures?

When I feel like splurging, I buy bachelorette party decorations! It gets rid of my itch, and I stock up for future parties.

What’s one money habit you are wanting to break?

Waiting until the last minute to file taxes. Since starting a business, my taxes have become much more stressful since I am always afraid of missing information or not being as prepared as I should be to send them to an expert. I’ve already started preparing to more on top of this for 2019, because of the stress it adds to my life!

How did you learn about finances in relation to your business? What about your personal life?

So far, I have learned as I go and learn new things every year to make my finances more efficient, organized and complete. Overall, I have learned what needs to be done a certain way versus what can be done in a way that works best for you. This goes for business and personal expenses!

Rapid Fire:

Favorite day of the week?


Favorite desert?

Mocha chip ice cream!

The one thing you can’t live without?

TRAVEL! (And coffee, duh)

Favorite place you’ve ever travelled?

Vietnam. Such a culture shock (in a good way) and my husband and I got engaged there!

Currently binging or reading?

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